No Assisted Suicide (NAS) is an online platform that gives hope as well as serves as a help desk for anyone who is feeling depressed and hopeless about their situation. This was founded in 2002 and since then was proud to say that it has been stopping suicide cases all over the state through its suicide prevention hotlines.  

This site was made possible by the collaboration of the law enforcement, physicians and some members of the private sector, not to mention the concern citizens on the rising number of suicide cases in the country. What the organization has achieved so far is to create a support team that the victims could turn to in times of trouble. What was found out by specialists is that a pair of ears willing to listen in times of trouble could mean the world to the victims? Sometimes, without knowing, this becomes the solution – the lifeline that stops this person from making impulsive decisions.  

What started as an online platform that has a city-wide, through the help of many sponsors now has extended its web throughout the whole United States. We were also given access to various media like social networking and chat. Now, you cannot simply email us to reach us, you could already talk to our specialists face to face, or over the phone to ask for the help you need. You can have access to a friend any time you call. We are even making this better and more convenient by ensuring that you have a little to no waiting time as much as possible. We believe that waiting in times of emergency is not possible. So we see to it that you are able to reach the help you need pronto. As such, preventing the escalation of the problem at hand.  

We hope that there will come a time when the feeling of hopelessness won’t anymore be as prevalent. This is our dedication to you.