We provided this additional tab to provide our guests the basic knowledge on the services this platform provides. We have included here all the commonly asked questions to serve as your guide in exploring this website.  

Are you open every Sunday? 

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not rest because emergencies like this always come to no matter the time of the day. We always see to it that we are prepared just in case somebody calls us for help. 

Is my profile revealed when I call your hotline? 

Your profile here with us is safe. We keep everything here confidential so you can rest assured that your identity is in good hands. We will never expose you for any reason possible.  

Can you come to my place in case I need help? 

We have people for this patch for any type of situations. We would never let you down for whatever concerns you have. We are always your friend whether virtually or personally. 

Do I have to pay for your service? 

No, you don’t. All services we offer here are for free. We give free consultations with our physicians if needed. But even this is the case. We won’t ever force you to do anything you don’t want. All of the action we will take would have your approval unless facing a life and death situation.  

What if my friend needs your service? Can I ask assistance for him? 

We can call him to check if he wants our assistance. But how the situation would proceed would entirely depend on the cooperation of the person. We cannot, and we will never force anyone to do anything against their will. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send us your inquiry via the contact details found on the contact page.