Suicide is an act that can be prevented. It is the responsibility of everyone to be aware and to provide a solution. It is true that the people who are suffering from depression which may lead to this have no face, but it doesn’t mean that you could not do something to stop this.  

So what can you do? 

Do not take it as a joke 

If a person tells you that he is prone to committing suicide, no matter the tone of voice was used, you should listen. Never take it lightly nor as a joke. You may never realize the gravity of the statement until the act is done.  

Always listen 

As we reiterate always on this site. Listening could stop suicide from actually taking place. By lending an ear, you are actually alleviating some of the burden being carried by a person. For one who is in the prone of committing suicide, this could be a life and death thing. 

The number one cause of suicide is depression, and depression is a consequence of problems and feeling of hopelessness over a situation. On this case, by listening you are doing more good to that person because you are showing that somehow, there is a support system that would erase that feeling of abandonment that person was feeling at that moment. 

Never Judge 

The tendency of people when they hear that someone committed suicide, or is planning to commit one is to judge. This should not be an instinctive reaction. Instead, be supportive. Give that person hope and offer to contact us just in case the individual needs further assistance. 

With your little way, you could always help people bring themselves up from this dilemma. Just in case you need extra help though, you could always rely on us to provide assistance.