Suicide has become one of the prevailing sicknesses in the community today. It is the act of taking one’s life in various form. We won’t anymore identify here the process, nor how people go about it. But what is worth mentioning is that, of the late, many are being creative in making it happen.  

There are many causes of suicide. It could be caused by problems one think cannot anymore be addressed. It may be caused by the feeling of hopelessness in that person’s current situation. This may be caused by abuse that same person undergo on a regular basis. It could also be that that person was suffering from depression over reasons unidentified to us, or he may just want to be released from he was the pain he was experiencing from a terminal illness. Some reasons may be petty to others, but the end game is the same – death. 

Contrary to what many people think, suicide has no face. You cannot determine who is capable of it until it is done. Sometimes, you think that just because that person exudes such a joyful facade, he is already safe from committing one. This has already proven to be not true time and time again. In fact, there are times when who seems to be the happiest member of the group who chooses this out. This is the sad part when it is undetectable – you do not know to whom you should extend a branch of hope. Most often than not, these people do not also know to whom they should ask for help.  

This is exactly why the No Assisted Suicide online platform was created. This website aims to prevent any form of suicide from taking place, whether it is self-inflicted, or assisted. We recognize that sometimes, to prevent this, all it takes is a single person who can listen and who can provide an alternative solution. This is what we hope to offer those people. We offer a lifeline through our help desks which are open 24/7 to assist you.  

We started with just the email and the landline available to the public. But due to the accessibility of the internet to people world over, we decided to take advantage of this to reach more people. Now, we are not just citywide in Milwaukee, we are already accessible throughout the whole United States. We are even working to branch out beyond that. So even if you are camping behind your garage doors in Milwaukee, you could access us anytime. 

Our team is reliable and professional in helping everyone who would call. Whether if it is a live chat you need, a video conference, or correspondence via text messages and email, we’d get back to you in no time. We can even get someone to you to help because we are in partnership with many physicians and law enforcement who specialize in this kind of trouble. The best thing is, through all of this, every information you give us remain confidential.  

We are your friends that are always here through and through.